Pickled Stamps first opened its doors in the year 2006. Stamps made of rubber are our specialty as a manufacturer. Over the course of many years, we have amassed a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and competence in all aspects of the design, manufacturing, and delivery of bespoke rubber stamps.

We think that the vast majority of customers want to purchase a rubber stamp with the least amount of hassle, time, and effort possible.

When purchasing a personalized stamp, all you have to do is choose the kind of stamp, the size of the stamp, and the text that will be printed on it. We have years of experience making rubber stamps, and we can take the text you provided that seems simple and change it into something that is suitable for the kind of stamp you want and the information that you want it to include. You may always give extra directions to tell us precisely what you want, but in our experience, most customers are more than happy to let us handle the finer details of the design. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The Journey Continues…

After becoming increasingly impatient with the amount of time it took for a rubber stamp to be delivered to them, the people who later founded Pickled Stamps began manufacturing rubber stamps in the garden shed of their home. As soon as word got out about the duo’s newly discovered passion, they found themselves manufacturing an increasing number of rubber stamps for local companies who had experienced the same kinds of hardships as he had. They started committing an increasing amount of time to their “hobby,” and people started paying them for the service that they were offering as a result. The two partners quit their full-time jobs and launched Pickled Stamps before they realized what had happened.

They outgrown the garden shed in a short amount of time. They hired additional people as the number of sales grew, and from that point on, the company proceeded to expand at an exponential rate. Around this time, the oldest son of one of the company’s founders had joined the team, turning it into a true family business.

Since then, sales have consistently increased, and in the year 2022, Pickled Stamps reached the landmark of having served one million different clients.