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At Pickled Stamps, We offer a variety of custom made self inking rubber stamps in assorted shapes and sizes. Whether you need a stamp for your business, or are looking to personalize your own stationery, our Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamps can be customized with your choice of text, font and size.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way :D, let’s start deep diving into what custom self inking rubber stamps are and what they can be used for.

Custom Self Inking Rubber Stamps

What are Self Inking Rubber Stamps? 

The fact that you are here indicates that you are interested in self-inking rubber stamps.
Most notably, Self-Inking Stamps don’t need an additional ink pad since the ink is already embedded in the rubber dye or stamp imprint, which rotates in and out of the ink pad during usage. Because the die is able to re-ink itself while resting on the pad, the pad may be used for years without drying up, and a single inking should provide many thousand impressions.
The number of impressions you get from an ink pad will change according on the weight of the paper, how firmly you press, and how much of the page you ink. When the stamp’s ink runs out, you may easily change the pad and continue using it. We have both normal and heavy duty versions of the three most popular self-inking stamp brands, MaxStamp, Trodat, and Colop.
Rubber stamping is a fun and gratifying activity that can now be enjoyed by crafters with the help of a product called a self-inking rubber stamp, which is also often referred to as a pre-inked rubber stamp.

How are Self Inking Rubber Stamps Different? 

By contrast to handle-mounted rubber stamps, self inking rubber stamps have a rubber die affixed to a plate that, when being impressed, hits an ink pad. Only one color may be used at a time when using a self-inking rubber stamp. Yet, these stamps are both practical and versatile, allowing for thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary.

Different Users Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Self Inking Rubber stamps that ink themselves are unexpectedly useful in a variety of situations. For example, Custom Self Inking Rubber stamps that ink themselves are a convenient tool that many companies, people, and everyday individuals use to mark important documents including memos, reports, and other communication.
Also, if you have less labor-intensive activities, such as paying bills and sending letters, may be made easier by using self-inking customized rubber stamps that contain your name and address.
Self Inking Rubber stamps that include animals, flowers, cartoon characters, and seasonal themes are suitable for use in children’s crafts because they are simpler to use and produce less mess than other kinds of rubber stamps. This makes them perfect for use with younger children.

Use Your Custom Rubber Stamps For Your Marketing

If you own a business, you are aware that marketing is a continuous process that never seems to finish. This is an essential component of managing a company.

Self Inking Stamps

It is also possible to have a high cost, which is why owners of companies are constantly seeking for creative and unique methods to get their brand out there in the world.

Rubber stamping is a cost-effective method that may be used to add information to packaging, goods, and other forms of marketing as well as any message that is sent out. This method can also be used to increase brand recognition hence why custom self inking rubber stamps are used by most brands and businesses around the world. 

Promoting Your Business With Custom Stamps

  • A custom self inking stamp that does not need additional ink may be used repeatedly. You may actually use your stamp hundreds of times, and when the ink finally begins to wear out, all you have to do is get a new pad from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Custom Stamps are efficient despite their short and simple nature. Using a custom stamp that inks itself saves a ton of time while stamping. Just push and you’re done. Perfect for the employee or company owner who is always on the go!
  • Custom Rubber Stamps are effective on a wide variety of surfaces and will operate on a wide number of surfaces, including paper, wood, plastic, and metal, allowing you to repeatedly mark a wide variety of substrates with your company logo.
  • You can brand anything at an affordable price. Given the fact that any object may be imprinted with your business’s name, emblem, web address, or even simply the name of the firm. Awareness of your brand is vital, and your own self-inking rubber stamps may be utilized whenever, anywhere, and anyway you see fit.
  • Save time and money with our custom rubber stamps. If your desire is to  promote a new website, product, or service, or do you need to refresh the marketing you already have then buying a rubber stamp will save you a headache. You may save costs on reprints by creating your own self-inking stamp from scratch.
  • It is clean, flexible, and easy to use since there is no ink pad because the ink is already contained inside the stamp itself.
  • Stamps that ink themselves are very long-lasting. The pad is the only component that will ultimately need to be changed, and you are free to remove and replace it anytime it suits your needs.
It should come as no surprise that self-inking stamps are such a popular choice as a marketing tool for such a large number of companies given their extensive range of applications. They have the ability to reduce the cost of branded packaging. Stamps are used on cups, food packaging, and customer loyalty cards in a number of cafés and catering establishments. A large number of companies make use of stamps that ink themselves to mark their goods and messages or add information such as a site address.

Self Inking Rubber Stamps Come In Different Shapes and Sizes

Did you that self inking stamps come in different shapes? Well you do now. Below we outline some of the custom self inking rubber stamp shapes for more clarity on what you can buy and use for your business or personal use. 

Custom Round Stamps

Custom Round Stamps

Custom round stamps are available in a variety of sizes and colors, and can be used to stamp a variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic and metal. Like any other self inking stamp that you’ve personalized, they come in a wide selection of colors and fonts to choose from, coupled with the fact you can also have your own custom design imprinted on them for that custom touch.

Custom Rectangle Stamps

Rectangle Self Inking Rubber Stamps

The clues in the name. Custom Rectangle Stamps are available in a variety of sizes and colors. These custom rectangle stamps are made from high-quality materials and they’re available in a variety of shapes.

  • Available in: 2″x2″, 1″x1″, 3/4″x3/4″, 1-1/2″x1-1/2″, 2-1/4″x2-1/4″, 3-3/8″x3-3/8″.

  • You can choose from over 20 different colors for your rubber stamp.

Custom self inking rectangle stamps are perfect for designing your own stamp to use in the workplace, as a teacher’s stamper, or on craft projects. enabling you to print on papers, books, tags, and cards with your own own personalized writing that will stand out prominently wherever you print it.

The custom stamper has an inbuilt ink pad for thousands of clear and accurate prints; it also absorbs humidity from the air to maintain its freshness for a longer period of time, guaranteeing that it will last a long time and allowing you to save money.

The rectangle rubber stamps also come with ink for document-proof stamping that conforms to DIN ISO 14145-2 – no forgery, no fraud, cannot be deleted without leaving obvious evidence, making it perfect for professional usage and providing you the confidence you need to do business without worry.

Also, to further prolong the usage of your stamp, replacement ink pads, model number 6/4912, are available for purchase in the colors red, black, blue, green, and violet. Additionally, the stamp’s user-friendly design makes it simple to switch out the ink pad.

Again it all really depends on the type of custom rectangle rubber stamp you brand you purchase.

Custom Small Text Stamps

Custom small text stamps are a great way to get the perfect stamp for your application. These stamps can be used for imprinting small text in a variety of colors and materials, making them ideal for a number of different uses similar to round stamps or rectangle stamps. They can be used for branding or packaging, as well as any other applications that require custom small text such as product labels and barcodes.

When selecting your custom small text stamp, you will want to consider several factors including the size of the engraving area, how many characters it can hold at once (this will depend on the font type), and whether or not you would like an additional logo on top of your design (if so this should be chosen from our library), what material you would like your stamp made out of (rubber or plastic) and finally which shape best fits what purpose (round shapes work best for round objects).

Custom Large Text Stamps

Custom large text stamps are also another great way to brand your business. If you want your company’s name or logo to be the first thing people see, then custom large text stamps are perfect for you because they’ll make you stand out. They can be made from any font style, size, and color that you choose.

Customers will notice these as soon as they enter the store or walk into an office building and they’ll immediately know who they’re dealing with. This will help build trust between you and them so that they feel more comfortable doing business with you than someone else who doesn’t have this kind of branding at all!


If you’re looking for a stamp that can be used in your office or home, we have a great selection of self-inking rubber stamps. We also offer custom made stamps so if you need something specific, let us know and we’ll do our best to create it for you! You might also be interested in Wooden Handle Stamps, that could be a good fit for you.

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