Custom Logo Embossers

Use our specialized portable embossing press to emboss your brand or custom design on letters, packaging, and invitations. This holiday season and for years to come, add a gorgeous, tactile element to your decor.

Your brand or a bespoke design may be used to create an embossing seal or embosser stamp. Embossed logos come with their own portable press, so you can get started right away with embossing.

A brand stamp, weeding stationery, monogram, baby shower, or Christmas event may all benefit from a custom stamp design. With a little help from us, you can have your own custom embossing press made just for you, allowing you to give your work a polished, polished look.

With your own design and instructions, our embossing press comes with everything you need to get started.

Pressing your stamp into paper with an embossing press produces a highly detailed raised logo or graphic. No ink or other equipment is required. Put the paper between the embosser and squeeze to imprint your pattern onto the surface. Simple.