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Daycare Stamps for Clothes



This is a small stamper. Please tell us what custom text you want. The more text you give the smaller it will be. We will put your custom text on the stamp using the font you choose in the dropdown.

Daycare Stamps for Clothes: The Essential for Every Little Wardrobe



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Parents, we understand the challenge: keeping track of your child's clothing amidst the bustling environment of a daycare can be daunting. Misplaced or switched clothes can be a daily hassle. Enter our Daycare Stamps for Clothes – a perfect solution to personalize every garment and ensure it finds its way back to you. Our clothing stamps are designed for any and every fabric.

Why Choose Our Daycare Name Stamp?

Crafted with care, each daycare clothing name stamp is designed to deliver crisp, clear, and long-lasting imprints on various fabric types. Whether it's a winter sweater or a summer tee, stamp it, and it’s instantly personalized. Say goodbye to the mix-ups and hello to unmistakably marked apparel.

Daycare Label Stamp: More Than Just A Name

Beyond just names, our daycare label stamp is customizable to include important details, be it an emergency contact number or a specific symbol. The flexibility ensures your child's safety and makes garment identification even more effortless.

Children's Clothing Stamp: Built for Durability

Children's active routines demand tools that can keep up. Our daycare clothing stamp promises resilience. Designed to withstand regular washes without fading, it remains vibrant and legible, marking clearly even after numerous laundry cycles.

Simple Yet Effective: Using the Daycare Stamp

Using the name stamp for daycare is a breeze. A gentle press on your child's clothing, and the deed is done! The imprint dries quickly and stays on, making morning prep for daycare swifter and hassle-free.


  • We currently only ship our Custom Clothing Stamps within the US and to Canada!
  • We ship our stamps via USPS.
  • Current dispatch for our Custom Clothing Stamps within 1-4 business days (provided no proofs are requested and there are no unforeseen delays with USPS) Holiday period this will increase to 3-5 days handling.



Due to the custom nature of this Custom Clothing Stamps product, returns of our stamps are not accepted for change of mind. If Pickled Stamps has made an error or if the device is faulty, Pickled Stamps will issue a replacement free of charge for your Custom Clothing Stamps. We copy and paste what you enter so please ensure you triple check before checking out.

Can't find the answers you need? You are welcome to message us directly via our contact us page. Our friendly customer service team is always happy to help and endeavor to reply to all messages within 24 hours!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the imprint from the daycare stamp last on clothes?

The imprint is designed to withstand numerous washes, ensuring durability and clarity even after regular laundry cycles.

Can I customize the children's clothing stamp beyond just the name?

Absolutely! Our stamps can be tailored to include other details, such as contact numbers or specific symbols, providing added flexibility for your child's safety and easy garment identification.

Is the ink used in the daycare stamps for clothes safe for children?

Yes, the ink is non-toxic and safe for children, aligning with all safety standards for peace of mind.

Do I need a separate ink pad for the stamp?

No, our daycare stamps for clothes come with an in-built ink system, ensuring convenience and reducing mess.

How do I care for the daycare label stamp to ensure its longevity?

Store it in a cool, dry place, and ensure the stamp lid is closed tightly when not in use. With proper care, the stamp will serve you for an extended period.

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