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You may be wondering whether or not there is still a need for rubber stamps in today's contemporary world, which is growing more dependent on technology. On the other hand, here at PickledStamps, we are of the opinion that rubber stamps may be a very beneficial addition to regular life for a variety of reasons.

To begin, one of the most important reasons why you should employ rubber stamps is the fact that they provide an air of more individualization to anything you're working on. For instance, when you send out things like birthday and Christmas cards, or even wedding invites, the addition of your own rubber stamp gives that personalized touch that makes it appear more unique.

This is especially true when sending out wedding invitations. Rather than writing the same old message in cards, you will be putting your own spin on it, which will demonstrate to the recipient that you care about them.

Second, utilizing a stamp rather than writing down addresses on cards is not only a more personal touch but also saves a lot of time. Writing out the same thing again may be laborious, and maybe even monotonous, especially around the holidays or when sending out invites to an event or party. However, if you have your own stamp, this can make the process a lot smoother and quicker, allowing you more time to spend on other things. Not only can owning a rubber stamp help you save time, but it can also help you save money.

It is possible to reduce the ever-increasing expenses of shipping and printing that you incur while using your courier stamps if you have your own rubber stamp. Therefore, rather than continually shelling out the money necessary to pay their fees, you may save money by obtaining your own stamp to use instead.

Stamps may be highly important not just in your daily life at home but also in your life at work. This is because stamps can be used to pay bills, send thank you notes, and more. If you do this via the use of rubber stamps, you may make your paperwork a lot simpler and more entertaining if you work in an office, which is one method you can go about accomplishing this goal. If your job requires you to spend less time in an office and more time in a store or café of some kind, one way to encourage regular customers to continue shopping at your establishment is to devise a loyalty card that features a stamp with a motif that is unique to your business and to be used in conjunction with that stamp. Or, if you work in a school, you might create an awards program for your children by providing them with a variety of motivating stamps to apply to their assignments, such as happy faces and stars.

This would be an option if your employer is located in a school. Not only can you utilize stamps to get things done more efficiently, but you can also use them in more creative ways. When decorating anything such as a sign or a piece of artwork, for instance, using stamps with a variety of various shapes or patterns may give an additional touch of flair to the creation process.

Rubber stamps are incredibly adaptable, and the possibilities are unlimited owing to the vast range of designs available. As a result, you should keep rubber stamps in mind if you are searching for anything that will make your life a little bit simpler.

So without whether a do lets deep dive into providing some insights into a popular stamps provider like Simply Stamps. 

Simply Stamps - Who Are They?

Simply Stamps is one of the major online suppliers of personalized address stamps, rubber office stamps, embossers, and date stampers.

They are comparable to Pickled Stamps in this regard. According to the findings of our investigation, they have been selling handcrafted items online since the year 2002. At the same time, they make it a priority to provide their clients with self-inking stamping products of the finest possible quality at the most competitive costs. Because they manufacture each and every rubber stamp in their own shop, you can be certain that you will have your brand-new custom stamp in hand much before any other company would have your order in production.


When it comes to acquiring rubber stamps, their goal, as stated on their page about the company, is to give their consumers the greatest possible consumer experience possible.


Simply Stamps is an excellent resource for customers who are looking to acquire stamps of a high quality that can be personalized with a design concept or logo of their own choosing. You may also use it for scrapbooking or any other kind of creative project that you might be thinking of doing! 


They provide a broad selection of bespoke stamps that may be used for a variety of purposes, including at businesses and at homes. They are also quite proud of the fact that they are the industry's primary provider of customized rubber art stamps for scrapbooking.


Here's a fun fact. Did you know that both Pickled Stamps and Simply Stamps have been regarded as one of the most well-known brands in the stamp business, suffice it to say that both companies are committed to providing exceptional customer service and excellent value when it comes to purchasing custom self-inking rubber stamps.


How to Refill Simply Stamps Ink Pads

Reflling self-ining rubber stamps in general is a simple task. One of our most popular items on PickledStamps is ink pads. Here is a cool little video from Simply Stamps that provides a high level overview on how to change refill your ink pads for your custom stamps. 

It is simple to re-ink a stamp that has its own ink cartridge. The how-to video above explains how to re-ink a stamp that already has its own ink pad.

You may do this in one of two ways. The first method is a simple 5-step technique that simply stamps provide in their video, which basically requires an ink bottle to complete the re-inking of a stamp pad.

The second option is to replace the stamp's ink pad by purchasing a new one (of a different color if you so choose), and then following the steps outlined in the video above to take out the old pad and replace it with the brand-new pad.

To get started in re-inking an old stamp pad, you can follow these steps:

  • To secure your stamp, turn it over and secure it.
  • Squeeze the tabs on the side, and carefully lift the pad out.
  • Spread three to four droplets of ink on the surface of the stamp pad.
  • Allow to settle for a few seconds, or until there are no more ink pools.
  • To unlock the stamp, reinsert the ink pad into the stamp body and push the release button.

Which Rubber Stamp Is Cheaper?

Simply stamps is great, but one of our unique selling points as the third biggest supplier of custom stamps in the USA is that we're marginally cheaper when it comes to producing our stamps. So if you're looking for a great self-inking rubber stamp for a cheaper price, then look no further. 

Where Can I Buy Simply Stamps Products For Sale

Similar to Simply Stamps, both our products are available on multiple channels and platforms to provide customers with different buying options. You can find rubber custom stamps on Amazon and our self-inking stamps on Etsy

Simply Stamps also offers this option to their customers. Next time you're looking to purchase self-inking rubber stamps then don't forget to check us out and send us a message. We're available 24.7 to answer any questions you may have. 


If you're looking to buy rubber stamps then both options are great for you. Simply Stamps provides great customer service but so do we. Prices from both companies are pretty competitive but we feel we slightly edge them in terms of stamp pricing. 

When it comes to quality, both Pickled Stamps and Simply Stamps are 100% manufactured in the USA with quality in mind. 

Hopefully, you found this article interesting and helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to us. We're always open for feedback and provide answers to any and all of your questions. 

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