Simply Stamps Review Vs. Pickled Stamps

simply stamps review vs pickled stamps

When you search online to find a good rubber stamp, you will come across many options.

But two brands may stand out among the rest — Simply Stamps and My Pickled Stamps. Both companies have a lot of positive reviews and are well-respected in the stamping community.

They have been around for many years now, and they both have a huge selection of stamps.

If you are curious about these two brands and want to know more about them, this article is for you.

We will take a look at both brands, see what products they offer, and answer some common questions.

So, let’s get started.

Simply Stamps Vs. Pickled Stamps: Who Are They?

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Simply Stamps is one of the major online suppliers of personalized address stamps, rubber office stamps, embossers, and date stampers. They are comparable to Pickled Stamps in this regard.

According to the findings of our investigation, they have been selling handcrafted items online since the year 2002. At the same time, they prioritize providing their clients with self-inking stamping products of the finest possible quality at the most competitive costs.

Because they manufacture each and every rubber stamp in their own shop, you can be certain that you will have your brand-new custom stamp in hand much before any other company would have your order in production.

When it comes to acquiring rubber stamps, their goal, as stated on their page about the company, is to give their consumers the greatest consumer experience possible.

Simply Stamps is an excellent resource for customers if you are looking to acquire stamps of a high quality that you can personalize with a design concept or logo of your own choosing. You may also use it for scrapbooking or any other kind of creative project that you might be thinking of doing! 

They provide a broad selection of bespoke stamps that you can use for various purposes, including at businesses and homes. They are also quite proud of the fact that they are the industry’s primary provider of customized rubber art stamps for scrapbooking.

Pickled Stamps started as a small family-owned business. In just a few years, they grew into a thriving company selling a wide variety of stamps in the US and Canada.

Due to their dedication to customers and providing quality stamps, their products got featured on television shows such as The Empire, Suits, Good Morning America & more.

Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that both Pickled Stamps and Simply Stamps have been regarded as one of the most well-known brands in the rubber stamp business? 

Suffice it to say that both companies are committed to providing exceptional customer service and excellent value when producing high-quality customized rubber stamps and embossers.

Pickled Stamps Vs Simply Stamps: What Products Do They Offer?

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Both stamp providers offer a wide range of products such as different types of rubber stamps, embossers, and stamp supplies. I listed some of them below.

Simply Stamps:

  • Self-inking Stamps
  • Pre-inked Stamps
  • Wood Handle Stamps
  • European Hand Stamp
  • Professional Stamp
  • Embossers
  • Ink and Ink Pads

Pickled Stamps:

Pickled Vs Simply Stamps: Which Rubber Stamp Is Cheaper?

Simply stamps are great, but one of the unique selling points of Pickled Stamps is it is the third biggest supplier of custom stamps in the USA. And that they’re marginally cheaper when it comes to producing stamps. So if you’re looking for a great self-inking rubber stamp for a cheaper price, then look no further. 

How To Order from Simply Stamps and Pickled Stamps?

Similar to Simply Stamps, both products are available on multiple channels and platforms to provide customers with different buying options. You can find rubber custom stamps on Amazon and self-inking stamps on Etsy

Simply Stamps also offers this option to their customers. Next time you’re looking to purchase self-inking rubber stamps then don’t forget to check them out or send a message. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. 

You can also order via their respective websites by following the guide below.

How to Order at My Pickled Stamps?

How to Order at My Pickled Stamps

Step 1: Visit Pickled Stamps website.

Step 2: Check out their collection of rubber stamps and embossers.

Step 3: Choose your design.

Step 4: Fill out the customization options.

Step 5: Click ‘Add to Cart’ and complete your order form.

How to Order at Simply Stamps?

How to Order at Simply Stamps

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Step 1: Visit the Simply Stamps website.

Step 2: Check out their collection of rubber stamps, inks, and embossers.

Step 3: Choose your design.

Step 4: Fill out the customization options.

Step 5: Click ‘Add to Cart’ and complete your order form.

Simply Stamps Review Vs. Pickled Stamps (FAQs)

Does Pickled Stamps Sell Embossers?

Yes, apart from custom rubber stamps. You can buy embossers at Pickled Stamps. You can choose from their collection of book, paper, notary, logo, and address embossers.

Can You Personalize Stamps From Pickled and Simply Stamps?

Yes, you can buy customized or personalized rubber stamps from both Pickled and Simply Stamps. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, including round, square, rectangular, and oval stamps. You can also personalize your stamp with your name, logo or other text.

How to Refill Simply Stamps?

It is simple to re-ink a stamp that has its own ink cartridge. The how-to video above explains how to re-ink a stamp that already has its own ink pad.

You may do this in one of two ways. The first method is a simple 5-step technique that Simply Stamps provide in their video, which basically requires an ink bottle to complete the re-inking of a stamp pad.

The second option is to replace the stamp’s ink pad by purchasing a new one (of a different color if you so choose), and then following the steps outlined in the video above to take out the old pad and replace it with the brand-new pad.

To get started in re-inking an old stamp pad, you can follow these steps:

  • To secure your stamp, turn it over and secure it.
  • Squeeze the tabs on the side, and carefully lift the pad out.
  • Spread three to four droplets of ink on the surface of the stamp pad.
  • Allow to settle for a few seconds, or until there are no more ink pools.
  • To unlock the stamp, reinsert the ink pad into the stamp body and push the release button.

Can You Stamp Ink on Fabric With Simply Stamps?

You can use rubber stamps to make an impression on a fabric. However, you need to use a special type of ink or paint, so the impression will hold.

How to Use a Simply Stamp?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use self-inking, pre-inked, and wood-handle rubber stamps:

Using a wood handle rubber stamp:

  • Place the rubber stamp onto an ink pad and press down gently to transfer ink onto the stamp.
  • Carefully position the stamp on your desired surface.
  • Use even pressure to press the stamp onto the surface.
  • Lift the stamp straight up to avoid smudging and repeat as needed.

Using a self-inking rubber stamp:

  • Place the stamp onto your desired surface and press down firmly.
  • Lift the stamp straight up to avoid smudging and repeat as needed.

Using a pre-inked rubber stamp:

  • Press the stamp onto your desired surface, making sure to apply even pressure. You might need to press the pre-inked stamps longer than when you use self-inking stamps.
  • Lift the stamp straight up to avoid smudging and repeat as needed.

Is Simply Stamps Legit?

Simply Stamps has been in the business of selling handmade products online since 2002. To this day, Simply Stamps continues to be a reliable source for stamps and stamping supplies.


If you’re looking to buy rubber stamps then both options are great for you. Simply Stamps provides great customer service and so does Pickled Stamps. 

The prices from both companies are pretty competitive. But at Pickled Stamps, I feel we slightly edge them in terms of stamp pricing. 

When it comes to quality, both Pickled Stamps and Simply Stamps are 100% manufactured in the USA with quality in mind.


Hopefully, you found this article interesting and helpful. If you have any questions, reach out to us. We’re always open to feedback and provide answers to any and all of your questions. 

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